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Your skin conditions and concerns matter. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is incredibly important. It provides a barrier to the outside environment, the ability to sense, feel, and detect objects around us, and serves to regulate the temperature of the entire body. 

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When the skin’s barrier function is compromised, multiple skin conditions can occur. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Kiripolsky cares greatly about your skin concerns and aims to address them in a comprehensive manner. 

MKMD offers the full spectrum of dermatologic care in each stage of your life. Common conditions treated include eczema in infants/children, acne in adolescents and adults, melasma, changing moles, skin cancer (including melanoma) screening and treatments, skin tag removal, and treatment of various skin rashes.

Visit our dermatology office in Beverly Hills to see how we can help you with various skin conditions. Dr. Kiripolsky will listen to your concerns regarding your skin – while considering your overall health and skin type. It is best to do this in person at our Beverly Hills clinic so that Dr. Kiripolsky can recommend the best procedure, treatment, or combination to best suit your goals. We take pride in educating you about your skin conditions so that you understand why we are choosing specific treatment programs. For any questions about dermatology procedures, contact us today!