Lasers & Light

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Laser and light-emitting devices are used to treat a wide range of skin conditions including sun spots, melasma, broken capillaries, unwanted hair, enlarged pores, loss of skin elasticity, precancerous lesions, and wrinkles. “Laser” stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, with each uniquely designed to treat a different “target”, whether it is water, pigment (melanin), or redness (hemoglobin). Dr. Kiripolsky completed a fellowship in laser and cosmetic surgery and is an expert at combining various lasers and light devices to achieve the best cosmetic results, in the most comfortable manner, with the least amount of downtime.


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At MKMD, we provide a customized approach to each patient, while using the most effective, technologically advanced treatments to address your specific skin concerns. Dr. Kiripolsky is a renowned lecturer, educating other doctors around the world on lasers, light devices, and cosmetic procedures.  She uses cutting-edge, advanced techniques to achieve the best, most reliable outcomes for her patients in a safe manner. Visit our Beverly Hills dermatology office and see how Dr. Monica Kiripolsky can help you, feel free to contact us for any questions regarding our laser & light cosmetic procedures.

  • Resurfacing Laser
    • CO2 Laser
  • Pigment Control
    • Intensed Pulsed Light
    • Picosecond Laser
  • Acne Control
    • Photodynamic Therapy
    • Carbon Laser Peel

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