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Kind words from our dermatology and cosmetic surgery clients in Beverly Hills and beyond.

The Dr. could not have been nicer! She took the time to explain everything, and answered my endless questions. She could not have been more professional ! To be honest, due to my genetics, I’ve never had a flat stomach, no matter how much I exercised or dieted. I’m blown away by the results! I have a feeling she’s going to have a waiting list just from my friends alone!!!
Marnie C.
Dr Kiripolsky is a miracle worker! I have been going to her for almost 5 years for various dermatology-related issues and every time, Dr K goes above and beyond to address my concerns. Her treatments and products are amazing and fast acting.
Larissa A.
Dr. Monika is the best! My skin did a 360 from having a full acne on my face to the clearest skin.. She addressed all my concerns and gave me the treatment plan that worked wonders ❤️❤️
Kim T.
She’s simply the best. She knows her stuff. And she cares! I’ve gone to her for years for various skin conditions and issues. Natural, beautiful results. Do not hesitate a second to book an appointment with her!
Suzanne M.
My personal experience with Doctor Kiripolsky can be summarized with the following words: a dream finally became reality! Everything about her, starting with the extremely high level of professionalism, her charisma as well as her phenomenal assistant, was beyond perfection. I'm so grateful to her, she's better then a team of therapists.
Massimo C.
Doctor Monika, as she is affectionately called by her patients is an unparalleled Dermatologist. I cannot say enough good about her. I travel from Paris and NYC just to see Monika Kiripolsky, and will not settle for any other Doctor.
Ashley B.
Oh my gosh, Dr. Kiripolsky is an ARTIST! I walked into her office as a 30 year old woman, entered some kind of cosmetic time warp , got a little Botox here, a little Voluma there, a little Juvederm here AND there, and walked out a 22 year old girl!
Paula K.
Dr. Monika Kiripolsky is truly amazing!! This beautiful doctor is number ONE in the Dermatology field. Extremely knowledge in all areas of skin care and anti aging treatments. I received a TCA peel and had results beyond belief. I am 63 years old and she has given me back 10 years.
Pam B.
I've been working with Dr. Kiripolsky for about 4 months now and she is getting my skin to the healthiest it's ever been. I'm so glad I found her! Not only does she know what she's doing, but she's very sweet and wants you to reach your goals as much as you do. She is a lifesaver!
Kara P.
As an RN I researched dermatologists thoroughly, consulted with a few to determine the best fit, and sought feedback from various health care providers, before selecting Dr. Kiripolsky. Not only is she an individual of integrity and character, but is highly respected by other health care professionals.
Run, don't walk to make an appointment with Dr. Kiripolsky. I am someone that waited a very long time and did endless research in an effort to find the best dermatologist—which in Los Angeles, is no small feat. I could not be happier! It's clear why Dr. Kiripolsky has a flawless reputation and comes so highly recommended.
I love Dr. Kiripolsky! She is so sweet and really wants to help you with whatever your goals are. She has helped me get rid of my acne scars and is helping me get the healthiest, best skin I've ever had. She will work with you to create a regimen that works she does it quickly! She will give you beautiful skin!
Dr. Kirapolsky is AMAZING!!! She is at the top of her field and her knowledge and bedside manner surpasses her beauty (which is incredible because she is flawless). Dr. K is perfectionistic when it comes to beauty and the care she provides to her patients. She is worth every penny!
Over all Dr Kiripolsky was very professional and worked very hard to get me the results I needed to feel better about myself. I am super excited and full of confidence Thank you Dr Kiripolsky (You're the best)

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