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Triple Alpha-Hydroxy Smoothing Gel

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One of the most effective methods of exfoliation is by using Alpha-Hydroxy Acids to peel away the upper layer of the epidermis, exposing fresh and radiant new skin below. This Triple Alpha-Hydrox Gel with Kojic Acid is an exfoliating masterpiece.

Key Ingredients:

- Glycolic Acid: Small molecule AHA expertly delivered in a gel-base for exfoliation in as little as 1-3 minutes without downtime. Excellent for aging and acne concerns

- Lactic Acid: Hydrating and brightening AHA is gentle, yet very effective for regular exfoliation benefits to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and skin discoloration

- Kojic Acid: Powerhouse brightening benefits from the inhibitory effect on tyrosine (the amino acid involved in melanin production)

- Pyruvic Acid: Gentle anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, good for photodamaged skin and acne-prone skin

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