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Scar Minimizing Gel

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Scar Minimizing Gel is comprised of a polymer that forms a layer of protection over the skin, allowing a scar or injured tissue to heal while remaining hydrated, oxygenated, and protected from harmful bacterial infections. This occlusive layer will also help keep the area moist for optimal healing, minimizing the overproduction of collagen that can lead to a raised scar or keloid.

Key Ingredients:

- Silicone: A mineral used to enable the product to glide on the skin without causing irritation, which is important for application to traumatized skin. Cyclopentasiloxane used in this formula is a silicone polymer that forms a protective barrier on the skin while it is healing.

- Dimethicone: A form of silicone used to protect the skin against moisture loss and provide a comforting, non-greasy feel for sensitive skin.

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