Microneedling Magic!

I recently had my first microneedling procedure with Dr. Kiripolsky, and let me tell you – it was a fantastic experience! I had heard a lot about microneedling and its potential benefits for the skin, so I decided to give it a try.

Before the procedure began, numbing cream was applied to my entire face. The cream was cold, and in no time, my face felt tingly and warm. After about 45 minutes, the numbing cream was removed, and I was ready to begin my microneedling procedure.

First, Dr. Kiripolsky cleaned my face and applied a glycerol gel to allow the needles to glide smoothly over my skin. My skin looked super shiny and felt silky to the touch. When the microneedling began, the first thing that surprised me was how quick and relatively painless the procedure was. I had expected it to be quite uncomfortable, but the numbing cream applied before the treatment made it feel just fine. The sensation felt more like tiny pricks on my skin rather than pain, and it was over in less than ten minutes. During the procedure, my face became bloody, giving it the name of the vampire facial.

Microneedling works by creating micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen production and cell turnover. This process not only helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars but also improves skin texture and tightness. It’s a fantastic treatment for addressing a variety of skin concerns, including acne scars, enlarged pores, and uneven pigmentation.

After the procedure, my skin looked a bit red and felt sensitive, much like a mild sunburn. However, this redness and discomfort only lasted for about three days, which was much faster than I had anticipated. I followed the aftercare instructions diligently, kept my skin protected from the sun, and in no time, I was seeing massive improvements in my skin’s texture and appearance.

I couldn’t believe how quickly my skin had bounced back from the treatment. In just a week, I began noticing that my skin looked more even in tone, and some of my fine lines and acne scars appeared less noticeable. It was like my skin had a renewed glow.

The fast healing time of just four days, minimal discomfort during the procedure, and remarkable results within a week made it a worthwhile experience. I’m now a firm believer in the power of microneedling to rejuvenate and improve the overall health of my skin, and I can’t wait to see further improvements with additional treatments in the future!

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