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Skincare Trend or End?

I know it may be tempting to want to stay up to date with the latest skin care trends on social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok … But can we really trust everything we see in the media?  As a board-certified dermatologist, here are my opinions on some of the newest trends.


This TikTok inspired trend is where you smother your face overnight with Vaseline in hopes that it will result in clear skin the next morning.  Vaseline is an emollient, which means it helps to soothe and soften the skin.  So theoretically, slugging is supposed to keep your skin smooth and hydrated … However, it’s not that simple.  Since Vaseline is extremely occlusive and oil-based, it can clog your pores, resulting in blackheads, blemishes and/or active acne.  If you want to hydrate your skin, I recommend using SkinMD’s Power Peptide Punch!  The active ingredient is hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.  Adding these externally can increase the skin’s moisture levels and smoothness, leaving you looking more rejuvenated.  It also contains oat kernel extract, a superb moisturizer rich in essential fatty acids used to alleviate redness and irritations.

Sunscreen Contouring

This is another Tiktok beauty trend where people apply sunscreen to create tan lines that contour their face.  Controlling sun exposure with different levels of SPF is practically impossible.  Different areas of your face are exposed to different levels of sunlight, so you can’t predict how the sun will actually tan your face.  It is also important to note that there is NO such thing as a “safe” tan!  Constant exposure to UV rays can lead to premature aging of the skin and increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Lemon on skin

Although lemons are known for its detoxifying effects, it may be harmful when applied to your face.  Remember, just because something is “natural” does NOT mean it is harmless.  While it’s true that lemon juice contains vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that reverses the signs of aging, the vitamin C contained in medical grade skin care products is NOT the same as the vitamin C in lemon juice.  When the vitamin C in lemons is exposed to sunlight, it can burn your skin, cause blistering, and residual hyperpigmentation.  Thus, instead of lightening your skin with the lemon, you are ultimately causing areas to get even darker.  My tip?  Stick to eating and drinking lemons and resist the urge to rub them onto your skin!

Chlorophyll Water

This is another popular Tik Tok trend where individuals claim drinking chlorophyll water daily miraculously clears their acne.  Chlorophyll is naturally found in green, leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach.  It is full of vitamins and antioxidants, which can help to reduce inflammation in the body.  However, there is no scientific evidence that proves these same anti-inflammatory effects can be applied to the skin, meaning there is no support that it treats acne, rosacea or other skin conditions.  It can also cause other health issues like abdominal cramping, staining urine and feces and skin rashes.  Instead, I recommend getting the benefits of chlorophyll through eating more vegetables.  You should also visit a board-certified dermatologist, like me, to create a medical-grade skincare regimen specifically for YOUR skin needs!  One product that is the perfect spot treatment is SkinMD’s Bye Bye Blemish is the perfect spot treatment.  It contains blemish fighting ingredients to rapidly reduce the severity and duration of a breakout.

Infrared sauna

The last trend is infrared saunas.  There are many claims that these saunas can detoxify your body through increased sweating, leading to flawless skin.  However, sweat’s main job is to keep us cool.  It is made of 99% water and does not actually carry with it toxins or chemicals.  The liver and kidney are the real ones doing the detoxifying work.  If you want to improve your complexion and rejuvenate your skin, I recommend using SkinMD’s Gentle Enzyme Cleanser.  It encourages the production of healthy new skins, and also protects your skin from harmful free radicals and sun damage.